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As your partner, we will handle all telephony from start to finish

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In collaboration with contact center personnel, supervisors, team leaders and senior agents, we will map out all telephony procedures. We will propose how the settings will be implemented, which functional requirements will be covered by standard functionality and whether UCS customization will be necessary. We will analyze the technical details of the solution with your IT and security departments, to whom we will provide specific documents for setting up your company's infrastructure. The output of the analysis will be a detailed set of functional specifications, based on which the setup, pre-start-up production testing and acceptance of the work will be carried out.

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Installation and setup

Our technicians will install UCS, configure virtual servers and connect the system to the telephone network and other information systems. In cooperation with IT, they will set up communication channels and integrations. According to the functional specification, they will set up UCS, establish user accounts and their roles, set up IP phones and soft phones, and create layout of supervisor and operator applications and wallboards.

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Integration and customisation

We have experience in integrating UCS with numerous systems: Salesforce, OneSolution, Microsoft Dynamics, AristoTelos, Google Maps Reviews and enterprise information systems. UCS provides a complete API that allows your developers to integrate any functionality. We can also prepare an integration bridge to connect your enterprise IS to UCS. With a sophisticated plugin system, we can add or modify functionality to your exact requirements.

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Pilot operation

Our support does not end with installation and setup. We will train your users and assist you with UAT (User Acceptance Tests), incorporating any changes resulting from or indicated by the test run. We will provide on-site or teleconference support during the actual pilot launch. During the first few days of operation, increased support is provided as a matter of course. Once this phase is complete, we will hand over the documentation and the contact centre will begin normal operation.

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Operational support

We will provide SLS (Second Level Support) to supervisors, team leaders and IT during normal operations. We will monitor the systems and in the event of an outage, we will guarantee repair according to the SLA (per service contract parameters). We will cooperate in solving problems encountered in your infrastructure and end PCs. We have added control mechanisms to UCS to help prevent errors encountered when providing operational support. As part of change requests, we will carry out consultations and adjustments to settings.